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Two mailing-lists have been created to provide some support and to broadcast information about VHFFS. You can use them to get some help from the VHFFS team. You have to subscribe on a list to be allowed to post.

The first list, is more general and users can talk about their problems using VHFFS. You can subscribe to this list by sending an email to with the following subject : “subscribe”. After sending it, you will need to confirm the subscription.

The second list, is only for developers, committers and development issues. You can subscribe by sending an email to with the following subject : “subscribe”.


A bugtracker is available at You will have to subscribe on this web site in order to report bugs. When you found a bug, please send a message on the list ( and fill a bugtracker form.

Feel free to patch VHFFS for your needs and to send us your patchs.

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