Download development version

The sources of VHFFS are available on the gitweb of VHFFS, but you can download VHFFS through Git. We explain how to download it, but we consider that you know how to run a command and you have git installed on your system.

  1. Open a shell (like bash or something equivalent)
  2. Goto the directory where you want to put VHFFS
  3. Type the following command :
    • For VHFFS 4.6.0 (latest release):
      git clone git:// -b 4.6.0 vhffs
    • For VHFFS 4.6 (stable branch):
      git clone git:// -b 4.6 vhffs
    • For VHFFS 4.7 (development branch):
      git clone git:// vhffs
  4. VHFFS sources are available in the vhffs/ directory

Good luck for reading sources. You can install downloaded sources by the traditional install script.

VHFFS is using autotools so ./configure && make && sudo make install are your friends (./configure --help should give you more information).

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