Download VHFFS

Latest stable version

The latest stable release is VHFFS 4.6.0, it was released the October 4th, 2016 and came from tag 763dbff68f of the git repository.

The main package is a .tar.gz compressed file, one of the most common archive format. On main *NIX systems, you can uncompress it by executing the command tar zxf file.tar.gz.

You can download vhffs-4.6.0 on the download repository of vhffs.

We strongly encourage you to check at least the checksum with the md5sum and/or with the sha256sum.

We also encourage you to check the authenticity of this file by downloading the PGP signatures, you can also check the authenticity of the md5sum and sha256sum files.

The signatures have been made with the following keys:

Fingerprint: 75C1 523B 0DE8 B11D 700D 74E7 0C5B 9BDE AB44 B12F

Patches and debian packages

MySQL and pure-ftpd need patches to run correctly with VHFFS.

You will find compiled packages for Debian Wheezy on i386 and amd64 on the VHFFS repository:, applied patches are available in the VHFFS source tree.

Warning: Please do remember that those packages are not frequently updated. It's much more secure to build the packages by yourself on your system with the latest security updates.

Debian packages

Debian packages for the stable release of VHFFS are available, you can fetch them on the download repository.

Development version

You can download the current VHFFS version through the Git repository. It is the development version, it should be stable but we will never provide support for those versions : they are only development versions and cannot be considered as “stable”. More details on download Git repository

Stay up to date!

You can get information about new versions of vhffs by subscribing to mailing list (you should send a mail to with the subject: subscribe). This is a very low traffic list (less than 1 mail a month).

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