Developer's Corner

Welcome on the development part of VHFFS.

VHFFS is not only an hosting system, it's a complete platform to create services, perform maintenance operations or handle user's data. It is a packaging with some tools and a main API that helps you to manage your hosting platform day after day.


A public Git repository is available, more details here

Bug Tracker


A mailing-list is available for developers that want to get help on VHFFS development or to join the development team. Please have a look at our support section.




You can get API documentation with perldoc program. You can try perldoc Vhffs::Main.


You have to know some basic informations about the VHFFS API before using it. You need to know how it works, how the datas are stored in the database and how to use them. Please, read the following page before reading any example or documentation : basics of VHFFS API.


It's more easy to understand API internals with examples. So, we provide very simple programs that use the VHFFS API. You can get those examples here.


  • Database (FIXME to be translated)
  • Panel (FIXME to be translated)
  • ACL (FIXME to be translated)
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