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 +====== VHFFS 4.5.0 release notes ======
 +Not much to say, this page contains the VHFFS 4.5.0 ChangeLog.
 +  * new VHFFS mail management, with a new, clear, almost perfect database schema
 +  * Now using Data Source Name (DSN) instead of separate fields for host, port, and database for MySQL and PostgreSQL configuration
 +  * all password field changed from crypted-md5 or DES to crypted-SHA-512
 +  * updated MySQL patch for Mysql 5.1.73 and MySQL 5.5.40 (Debian Wheezy)
 +  * added a patch to add support for dynamic document_root per request in mod-vhost-hash-alias which is now possible in Apache 2.4
 +  * ported TuxFamily kernel patch to Linux 3.2.45
 +  * bugfix: don't delete users which are not yet free of groups
 +  * API: added get_config() method to easily fetch related object configuration
 +  * updated awstats patches against awstats 6.95 and 7.1
 +  * added VHFFS syslogger!, a tool to redirect standard input to syslog
 +  * new pure-ftpd patch, altlog to syslog feature added
 +  * log_apachectl and log_apachelocal configuration directives are now replaced to log_postrotate
 +  * user hashed passwords and mail hashed passwords are now using the same hash algorithm, don't ask anymore the user password when creating the user mailbox and just copy the hash
 +  * reload vhffs configuration file if changed while using FastCGI
 +  * added a patch to fix a memory leak in suPHP
 +  * Improved the way we managed users created by robots. User who succeed having a validated group or being adding added to an active group are switched to a validated state which prevent them to be automatically removed.
 +  * sanitize mercurial description data to match .hgrc requirements
 +  * bugfix: fixed duplicate backups of group data for group that were not empty when asked to be deleted
 +  * now sending mail to users when objects are successfully created
 +  * web and repositories stats (awstats) are now using geoip module instead of reverse DNS, which is faster and gives better results
 +  * now allowing dot '​.'​ char in mailinglist local part.
 +  * fixed MediaWiki VHFFS auth plugin, call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in PHP 4.4
 +  * updated patches for pure-ftpd 1.0.36
 +  * fixed exim4 example config for PostgreSQL 9.x, standard_conforming_strings compliance
 +  * force scalar context on $cgi->​param() where it is necessary to prevent list context abuse
 +  * fixed bug #276, XSS issue with "​msg"​ param
 +  * updated apache and courier configurations for Debian Wheezy
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