VHFFS 4.3.0 release notes

Not much to say, this page contains the VHFFS 4.3.0 ChangeLog.

  • Added information in history about wich user generated which entry
  • fixed modobot perl 4 syntax
  • ajaxified the public part
  • private scm repositories removed from public part display
  • awstats 6.95 support added
  • awstats 7.0 support added
  • modobot backend reconnection support
  • fixed lang and theme cookies/internal so that user doesn't need to double refresh to get accurate information
  • fixed tag request stuff
  • email contact list display for admins suitable for a cut'n'past in mutt
  • added compile time option “-DCHECK” for vhffsfsssync_slave so that you can run to check if your slave copy is up to date
  • added mtime support to vhffsfssync
  • fixed a bug in vhffsfssync when a directory is replaced to a regular file
  • using fflush() before futimes() in vhffsfssync to get accurate results
  • fixed some replication issues with vhffsfssync
  • vhffsfsync slave option to preserve owners, groups and permissions
  • ported lighttpd patchs for 1.4.28
  • ported pure-ftpd patchs to 1.0.30
  • ported VFS Linux kernel patch to 2.6.33.*, 2.6.36.*
  • ported phppgadmin patch to 4.2.3
  • ported MySQL patch to 5.1.49
  • ported suPHP patchs to 0.7.1
  • ported PunBB patchs to 1.3.5
  • fixed perl 4 syntax in cron_scheduler
  • reworked a bit cron_scheduler
  • rewrote Robots::Mysql
  • added mercurial support to VHFFS
  • started bazaar support
  • removed panel useless stuff, improved a bit the panel CSS
  • added vhffs-fs clearing mode options
  • new default permissions for homedir (700) and groupdir (770)
  • vhffs-fs now does its own permission checking instead of relying on the buggy fuse default_permission flag
  • fixed autokill and vhffsfsync for filesystems that do not support the dirent d_type field
  • and bugfixes here and here…
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